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    Not Everyone Needs To Upgrade

    I truly believe so, contrary to what many others say.

    In fact, I have helped as many families do otherwise as I have assisted those who can & should.


    Can You? Should You?

    Get the most honest and unfiltered advice now!

  • Some Did. Some Didn't.

    If upgrading or investing in private properties are goals that make sense to you and your family,

    I've been there and done that, let's get you there!


    If these are not, let's look at how your biggest financial commitment (your property) fits into your family's goals and desires now and in the future.

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    Upgraded to Condo with $200k spare funds

    - Couldn't upgrade to EC, they were told

    Marcus and YL were told that they couldn't afford an EC even though they have a combined income of 5-figures and almost gave up hopes of upgrading until they reached out to me.
    I helped them understand there are many means to an end and opened their minds to other options they never knew about.
    After a detailed financial and progression strategy planning session using the 'DREAM' framework, they comfortably upgraded to a 3-bedroom condo without touching their savings or the $200k cash proceeds from the sale of their HDB!
    As savvy stock investors, they could reinvest the cash proceeds further growing their wealth and hitting their retirement goals at a faster pace while making sure there are reserves to last them many years if they were to stop working.
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    Upgraded to Bigger HDB with $200k spare funds

    - They wanted to upgrade to a condo

    They were a family of 6 going 7, considering upgrading to a private condo because they heard it was the way to plan for their retirement. I shared with them their private property options but also presented the option of upgrading to a bigger HDB flat while explaining the pros and cons of each option.
    A private property move could be a step towards their retirement but on many fronts, they would be compromising the family's present needs. While a bigger HDB flat meant they can cater to the big family size, it meant that they have to reinvest into other assets for their retirement plans - with financial knowledge that extends beyond property, I shared with them the options they can look at, including planning for the possibility to upgrade to a private property when the family's financials and needs changes.

    Many more families got clarity, what about you?

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    100% Empowerment



    Not everyone needs to sell or buy.

    But I truly believe everyone needs to be empowered in making their biggest financial decision.

    Your decision is yours to make but do you have the relevant information or knowledge

    to say you've made the right decision for you and your family?

    Have you sought out all your options and weighed the pros and cons?

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    Your Move, My Passion


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    I'm Ana, a property investor-turned-realtor on a mission to make a difference through real estate.


    After some good years in my personal property journey, I realized that the (good & bad) experiences and knowledge I've gained are for one purpose: to empower others to make informed property decisions aligned with what matters most to them.


    Coming from humble beginnings, "I didn't know what I didn't know" and because of that, I was once blindsided into making an uninformed choice that set my retirement plans back by years.


    I hate for the same to happen to you so help me help you - reach out for a non-obligatory chat to know and understand your options and if you are selling or buying right, fast, and better.