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    "Fuss-free & Stress-free"

    Wayne & Jacqueline were looking to cash out and move to a highly contested HDB type - Executive Maisonette at a time where million-dollar flats and high cash-over-valuation were making headlines.

  • The Dream Approach

    Backstory: Wayne and Jacqueline were interested in an Executive Maisonette (EM) at a time where million-dollar executive flats make headlines regularly, while they were ok with paying some cash over valuation, they weren't ready to jump on the million-dollar bandwagon.


    Desires: Like with all our clients, first, we find out their why - They were well-versed in the private property market and decided to focus their investment and retirement plans elsewhere whilst they enjoy the luxury of space in an EM! They were looking to buy the EM first before selling their current flat and was sure their financials could make such a move.


    Resources: We were told that they have gone through their financials themselves and ascertain that they could buy a EM before selling the current flat, but we asked to go through it together thoroughly, to ensure that all grounds were covered. Luckily, we did, as there were some misinformation on the financials and timeline of the sale and purchase.


    Explore & Assess: Even though they were sure of their move, we asked to share other options they could explore as we believe in making sure all our clients considered all options available to them for their short term and long term goals. After we've ascertained that they have clarity about their options and the pros and cons, we helped them understand the EM market and our strategy to purchase one at the lowest or no COV possible.


    The Move: Our search team kept their eyes peeled on the internal and external portals, making immediate enquiries for every new listing. While most of the listings are on the most popular portal - PropertyGuru, we found one in another portal with a reasonable asking well below One million! We made a viewing request on the day itself the listing surfaced, negotatied an offer on the spot and closed the purchase at 770k, the lowest selling price in the estate with zero COV.


    Whilst in the process of this search and purchase, we also planned and strategized the sale of their current flat so that the transition was swift and timely. That allowed us to sell their place at the highest transacted in the estate within 2 viewings.